We are proud parents of a wonderful dog named, Bentley. He  has been the most loyal, loving, trusting dog we have ever had. He is loved by so many people around the world. He has brought smiles to many faces and joy to many children. His presence has attracted people to us that would have never approached us otherwise.

I can not think of a better tribute to an amazing dog than this!

Please enjoy this clip of Bentley’s interview for a T.V. show on pets in Ecuador.

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2 thoughts on “SUPER STAR!

  1. We were fortunate enough to have Bentley stay with us in our hotel in Cartagena, where he made friends with our dogs. He is truly exceptional and to see him jump up into his travelling cage is amazing. Truly man’s best friend.

  2. su

    Was over come with Pride and PLEASURE as I viewed this clip. Thank you for sharing!! Your journey has been an eye opener for all, a most heartwarming source of entertainment and most of all, the seeing of a dream come true!!

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