All good things must come to an end!  With much thought over the last month and a review of time and cost we have decided that this is the end of the road for now. The considerations were due to a number of things. Since we really took a lot of time exploring each country, we are unable to get to the southern tip of South America until some time in December. Scott´s goal was to look for a place along the way to live that would be in a clean and healthy environment away from the political mess in the U.S. For me, in my heart and soul, I must come home.  My momma is aging and I want to spend every moment I can with her while she is here.  I want to spend more time with my Grand babies.  So for those reasons, Scott is going to stay here in Vilcabamba, Ecuador and apply for his residency visa and Bentley and I are going to fly home.  We are going to explore living a “long distance” marriage and try to visit as much as possible. Eventually, I will join him.  For now, we will work on making it work. Vilcabamba is an incredible place that is full of beauty all around you.  It is tucked in a valley that is protected from bad weather and has even temperatures year round. It is a very small town with the city of Loja only 40 minutes away. We have rented an apartment that has a studio apartment downstairs and a one bedroom upstairs with a full view of Vilcabamba and the surrounding mountains. 

I will be flying out of Ecuador on September 17th. For those wondering about the health of Bentley flying, I want to assure you that I am going to make it as easy on him as I possibly can.  We are going to fly directly, nonstop from Ecuador to Atlanta, GA (5 hours).  There will be no plane changes for this boy! There I will be meeting my youngest son, Aaron and we will rent a car and drive 4 hours to Savannah to visit my oldest son, Christopher.  Am I super excited about that!  OH YEAH! After ten days, we will drive back to Atlanta and have another 5 hour direct flight to Portland.  Then the adjustment of the new changes for us will begin.

We crossed into eleven countries in almost 10 months of traveling. The last one being Peru. We went as far as Lima to get our new back tires. We decided to forgo Machu Picchu this go around. It would have put us on the road for another month and we were ready to settle down for awhile before I have to go. We feel very accomplished and proud in making it this far. All the beautiful photos made this trip look easy.  For this “girly-girl”, it was tough more than not, but I have no regrets.  It was an amazing journey, a trip of a lifetime.We have learned many things along the way about ourselves, each other,  the different cultures and seeing the beauty that lies beyond the United States. We have pushed past fears, (and believe me, there were many), pushed passed judgments, made amazing friends and met amazing people. We have learned to be more tolerant and more patient. We got to experience amazing food and mostly not so amazing food.  In Colombia, we got to experience more exotic fruits than you could ever imagine.  Every country, we experienced the nicest people who were always willing to help us. The best part of this trip was taking, Bentley. Everywhere we went (and I mean it when I say, everywhere) he would draw people to him, to us.  Kids, people who were afraid of dogs, the elderly. We were stopped constantly and approached by people who would probably never have approached otherwise.  We would constantly hear, OH, QUE LINDO, (cute) PELUCHE (teddy bear). Taking him, was easy.  He is such an incredible dog. He got to explore more back country and sniff more smells and than any dog I know.

Thank you all so much for your love and support. It helped in so many ways, from getting through homesickness to staying connected to friends and family.

We will put more photos together and videos to recap our adventure. So stay tuned……


Hanging out at the border to Peru

The road to Huaraz, Peru

Lima, Peru

A very special thank you to Motoviajeros Perú  for helping us out with our tires!  They were fantastic, accommodating and went above and beyond for us.

Lima was a big city, full of traffic.  We heard over and over that it would be awful riding through the city. Although it was true, for me, nothing compared to Bogotá, Colombia!

We also got to see our dear friend, Jeffrey once again.


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4 thoughts on “ADIÓS AMIGOS

  1. cburns

    Kind of the best of both worlds. Wish you both the best. Completely in awe of your accomplishments. Can’t wait to see you.

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  2. murfalan

    Wow, what a super adventure. Hope to meet up with you soon, maybe Tom’s wedding?

    Martha Nordbusch Client Outreach Coordinator Fences for Fido Central Oregon Region 541-598-4514

  3. Susan Sharer

    Hi, I met you guys in the parking lot in San Carlos, Ca as you were looking for the REI in the same area! Wow, I have enjoyed all your blogs about your trip and the photos have been amazing! Good luck making the transition back to the US and visiting with your family. Bentley is sure one awesome doggie and what a tale he can tell. Wishing you the best! Susan Sharer

  4. Judy Willis

    Look forward to seeing you . Luv

    Sent from my iPhone


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