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Ride from Trujillo to Huaraz, Peru

First couple of days riding in Peru was through the desert.  Miles of sand with no life.  As we passed through the little dusty villages, I could only imagine how tough life is here. The only animals were goats, and lots of them. TONS and tons of garbage, I think the most out of all the countries.  We had just left two countries that were so beautiful and green.  As we were riding for miles and miles of this, we wondered if it would get better….

We found a great ride to Huaraz on gravel roads with the river in the canyon for miles and more tunnels than we could count. 

Make sure you go to settings in youtube and put it on HD. 


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ECUADOR! We are now all the way through Ecuador and I have not made one post since we crossed over from Colombia! So sorry! There has been a lot going on this last two months and between poor internet and a few other things, it didn’t happen. Since we are crossing into Peru today, I thought I should probably get this up to date. This is going to be a long one, so get your coffee, or your wine or whatever, have a seat and enjoy!

OTAVALO, ECUADOR  Famous for its market and surrounded by incredible volcanoes and mountains. We stayed at a beautiful place called, Hosteria Rose Cottage.  Perched on top of a hill at approximately 9000 ft, with the most incredible  views. We spent 6 nights there. (buy 5 and get one free)

While in Otavalo, we went on two amazing hikes. The first one started at Mojando Lake, which was approximately 12,450 feet. We climbed to the top of Mt. Fuya Fuya, two kilometers straight up to almost 14,000 feet. For Scott and Bentley, they sailed up the mountain. For me, it was a sore reminder of my smoking days as I was trying to breath. Every 50 feet or so, I would have to stop and get my heart rate down to continue. Step by step, I eventually made it to join them at the top. WOW, the view was incredible.  I would say, it took my “breath away”……..okay, that was stupid, lol.

Cuicocha Crater Lake, similar to Crater Lake in Oregon with the Island in the middle, is approximately 10,000 feet which we hiked the very next day! My thought, as I was hearing my trainer/friend, Mike Leboss; “it would be good to hike the next day to break up the lactic acid build up in your muscles from the first hike”….Wow, not so much! The trail around the lake was beautifully maintained and the views were spectacular!

QUITO, ECUADOR. Hosted by a wonderful couple, Alfonso and his wife.  Alfonso was trying to get as much information and photos about Bentleys cage to have one made for his 1200GS and faithful yellow lab, Willow. They showed us around the city and fed us incredible meals. We, of course, had to visit the “Equator Monument”. We didn’t come this far to miss that! We know it is not the actual line, but didn´t care.  We were there!

CANOA, ECUADOR. One week of sand, sea, sunshine and Español. When we arrived, we were surprised to find adventure moto rider and friend we made along the way, Cory and his girlfriend Andrea. 

AYAMPE, ECUADOR. Still needed more of the Coast and school and heard this was a good place to do that. Stayed one month. We had two nice surprises during the month.  Our “pal”, Jeffrey stopped by on his way through and we had a great breakfast together.  Then at the end of the month, our friend, Johnny came. We had some nice visits with him and we all went on a whale watching tour. That was incredible.

GUAYAQUIL, ECUADOR. We would have bypassed the big city of Guayaquil but we were invited to come stay with a super nice couple, Gabriel and Margarita. Upon our arrival, I was hit with a whopping cold that had me down for a couple of days. They gave us a great tour of the city, took us to Playa. (more beach time) We went to another amazing beach town called, Engaboa.  Great surfers paradise. 

BAÑOS, ECUADOR. We decided to ride West to this little town with Gabriel and Margarita. Famous for their mineral baths.  It is tucked in this little valley and off to one side is a massive and very active volcano. Along the way we stopped to tour Ingapirca ruins.

Just a silly little video of our very, very small room in Baños

CUENCA, ECUADOR. Gabriel and Margarita rode with us and stayed one night before heading home. We stayed in the most luxurious hotel that was $48. a night on called Forum Hotel.  It was probably one of the nicest hotels I have ever stayed at.  We had all our heavy bags, tires, helmets etc. taken to our room.  We were given a nice little hot drink upon check in. Hot water bottle under our sheets at night and chocolates.  Hot shower! Bentley was treated like “one of the guests”. We had the BEST breakfast included in our fee was unlimited Americanos, eggs, bread, yogurt and granola and fresh fruit, topped off with a tall glass of juice. Incredible. We seriously did not want to leave!

On our ride to Vilcabamba, we had a little stop for lunch.  This is typical for small towns throughout Ecuador.

VILCABAMBA, ECUADOR. Known to be the “Valley of Longevity“. People are documented to live over 100 years old here. It sits in a valley surrounded by mountains.  It is green and lush and an even warm temperature all year long. We absolutely loved it.  There is a nice little “expat” community here, nice little restaurants and nice people.  We stayed in a place up the hill from town called Izhcayluma. Our little Cabaña had a great view of the hillside and yoga studio that offered free yoga every day.

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