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Crossing the Darien Gap to get to Colombia required us to either fly or take a boat.  For Bentleys sake, flying was not the first option. We were approved by Captain Ludwig that we could bring our pup on board, under the condition that he was only allowed on deck. (he was not allowed on our bed down below) They built him a dog house and most of you all should know by now that Mr. B has never been in one of those in his life, except on the bike. Of course, he would not step one paw in it. 

After leaving Carti, Panama, we cruised through the San Blas Islands. After two hours we anchored in between about four of them and spent two days swimming, snorkeling and eating amazing meals.  We were truly in paradise.  Bentley made many friends and I think he swam off about two pounds! 

At 5:30am on the third day, we took Bentley for one last potty break on the Island before we set sail for Colombia. We brought a small pile of palms and grass off the island onto the ship in hopes that Bentley would use for relieving himself during the 28 hours at sea.  Unfortunately for him, he did not. All three of us took Dramamine and off to bed I went for pretty much 26 hours.  Scott was well enough to tend to Bentley, (thank God) who for the most part did really well, but could not be left alone. So both of them slept on deck that night. It was a great sight to see the city of Cartagena, Colombia the next morning.  It was an even greater relief to get Bentley on land to go to the bathroom!

Despite the rough seas, this was one of the best experiences of our whole trip so far and one that I will never forget. 


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Entering Panama was the most challenging and longest border so far.  In both Honduras and Panama I elected to hire a “helper” and both times I did not regret that decision!We spent 5 grueling hours in the intense heat, many km of walking to and from each place and over $200.00 in fees.  It was intense to say the least.

As we rode into Panama my feelings of frustration started to dissipate, as I began to realized that we successfully made it through every country in Central America, AND, in a couple of days would meet up with our good friends, Ryan and Stacia Loe and my son, Chris.

Yes, this was a desperate moment! And soon after, “regrettable” moment!


 These are photos of our time spent in Panama City, a day trip to a little place on the Caribbean side of Panama called, Portabella. Some of these magical photos are courtesy of Ryan Loe.

We took a two hour ferry ride from the Trump Hotel to the Pearl Islands. We landed in Isla Contradora and had a beautiful 24 hours of paradise. We took a small boat to the Island where “Survivor” was filmed and snorkeled in beautiful clear blue water.  We finished off the day with an amazing feast of fresh seafood.

We end this country with a video and of course it shows our visit to the famous “Panama Canal”

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I am behind again!  We are having so much fun, I find it difficult to take the time to blog.  We are now in Colombia, so I will try to get caught up.

We spend the first couple of days in Playa Grande.  It is a quiet little place on the ocean and a very close distance from the very popular beach, Tamarindo.  I was greeted by a Scorpion in the shower, Crocs on the beach and a large Iguana!

Next stop was a couple of days spend in Santa Ana where we reconnected with our friends, Elle and Grant from Canada.  Our horseback riding tour



We stayed in a small town called Golfito Bay, 45 minutes from the border to Panama. It was wicked hot. We decided to go for a hike which really did Bentley in.  He was overheated for the first time in his life and we had to put him in the shower for 5 minutes to cool him down. Poor baby!

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