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San Cristobal de las Casas

Time to get caught up on this blogging, I am a bit behind.  It seems that I spend so much time on the internet trying to find places that will take a dog that I am slacking this part! So…..I believe I left off in Oaxaca, MX. We moved on to a place called,  San Cristobal de las Casas and what a beautiful little town! It is around 6000 ft. and needless to say, a bit chilly.

We spent time at the market, biggest market we have been to. Lots of chicken for sale. Live chickens, dead chickens, beaks, feet……

We happened to be there right in the middle of the catholic Celebration of Guadalupe,  which starts the week before the 12th of December. Thousands of people of all ages travel for a week on foot, (in sandals, barefoot, tennis shoes etc.) running and passing a torch until they get to The Church of Guadalupe.

The runners, who have ran miles, finally get to the church.  They then walk on their knees to the altar, chanting and bringing their offerings.

During the week the towns celebrate with parades and a lot of fireworks! (all night long) As we had ridden from Puebla all the way to San Cristobal and to our next town of Palenque, we had passed hundreds of people.

We left for Palenque on the day of the 12th, the final day of the celebration. As we passed through the little villages, people were lined up all dressed up in their best costumes to give gifts to the runners, provide them with food and celebrate as they passed through. It was a sight to see.


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2013-2014 Adventure begins….

We have had enough time on the road now to reflect back on all that we have done in the last year to prepare for this “new” (yet) continued journey.

When we came back last year, there was no doubt in our minds that we wouldn´t go back. It was more of, “how”.

We decided that the only way to really travel free was to part with responsibilities that hold us back or keep us home AND we needed money.   We set out for a long grueling year to sell our house; we gave Aaron most of our stuff (lucky boy) and got rid of enough of the rest so that it would fit into 10×10 storage. Scott´s job was a different story.  He had to figure out what he could part with from 30 years of business and a collection of parts and tools. Along with that big job, he also had to do all the things to our bikes that would hopefully carry us safely through hundreds of miles on our adventure. Not an easy job and one that left him doing all of it alone.  It was a very long year to say the least.  Not to mention that the last week before leaving, we discovered that Bentley was once again, bigger. So out came the welder and Scott went to work (in our friend, Mike´s garage)  for the third time to make our pup as comfortable as possible.

We finally left Philomath and made it as far as Winchester Bay!

October 18th, 2013 First night of our adventure.

October 18th, 2013
First night of our adventure.

RedWoods to Mexican Boarder-0002

We met up with Scott´s son, Zach in the land of the giant Sequoias. Had a great time camping!

Camping in the Redwoods with Zach

Camping in the Redwoods with Zach

Spent a great weekend in Cambria, CA at a Horizon´s Unlimited world travelers meeting getting inspired for our long-awaited adventure.

2013 Horizon´s Unlimited meeting in Cambria, CA

2013 Horizon´s Unlimited meeting in Cambria, CA

From there, we met our friends, Mike and Tammy in a beautiful place called Idyllwild, CA.  6000 feet up in the mountains and only an hour away from the hot desert of Palm Springs.

Mike and Tammy in Idyllwild, CA

Mike and Tammy in Idyllwild, CA

Our last stop before entering Mexico was Tucson.  Had a nice visit with my Uncle and found ourselves making a lot of reasons why we needed “one more day” there.  It is that thing called ¨stuff¨that keeps you tied to the U.S.. We just need “one more thing before we cross the border!”

My Uncle Charlie

My Uncle Charlie

The day finally came to cross the border. So excited and full of anticipation. 

Just across the U.S. border into Nogales, MX

Just across the U.S. border into Nogales, MX

First stop was San Carlos, MX

San Carlos, MX "LIFE IS GOOD"

San Carlos, MX on the Sea of Cortez

Next day it was off to visit our friend, Campo David in a town called Ahome, just before Los Mochis, MX. where we spent 6 nights.  David took us on his Airboat in the Sea of Cortez.  We saw so many different species of birds and Dolphins with their babies.  It was a fantastic day.


We made our way to Mazatlan 



Sayulita, MX


Puerto Vallarta


We left there in the pouring down rain traversing through wet cobblestone streets with mud and running water going across, deep potholes, and lots of crazy traffic.The ride on the way to our next destination, however, was so fantastic.  Beautiful curvy roads climbing up into the mountains, thick green forests and really pretty little towns.


We ended up in Ajijic on Chapala lake (the biggest lake in Mexico). Then off to San Miguel de Allende.  Where the trip ended last year and will actually begin this year. We spent two weeks here reconnecting with friends.

Only in Mexico is their a tree in the middle of the road!

Only in Mexico is there a tree in the middle of the road!

To start off our adventure from San Miguel, we headed to Oaxaca, MX. and who do we run into...Jeffery Poljana, he is doing a Ride for Peace, check out his Facebook page, it is awesome.


We met Jeffery in Cambria, CA two months prior at the Horizon´s Unlimited meeting.  He was one of the main speakers at the meeting! Awesome guy.

Jeffery invited us to tour with him the next day to Monte Alban, which is a largest archaeological site in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico.



From there we visited El Árbol del Tule Tree,  it is a tree located in the church grounds in the town center of Santa Maria del Tule.


Had an amazing lunch in the town of Santa Maria where we were able to try the local Oaxacan favorite, chapulines (grasshopper).

Grasshoppers, yum

Grasshoppers, yum

Then it was off to the beautiful Church of Santo domingo de Guzman.


On our way out of town the next day we had a fabulous ride to the Hierve el Agua.


Next stop, San Cristobal, MX.  Whooohoooo!!

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Journey into Mexico…

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