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The art of making the perfect Taco!

We had such an amazing morning at school, I just have to share.  We reviewed our “to be” verb after three hours the day before just studying “ser”! (if any of you have studied Espanol, you will know exactly what I am talking about. UGH!  So, to our relief Adriiana says: it is time to go on another field trip. Oh how I love field trips. As we are walking the 4 blocks to our destination, I asked Adriiana how her heels were working out for her on the cobblestone street…..not so much! 🙂 We stop at this little Tienda  (store, one of many as I have stated before) and in we went, around the counter, through this little doorway and WOW, it opens up into this beautiful little courtyard with cages all around it with beautiful parrots of all different sizes.  Beautiful Bouganvilla, a lime tree, gorgeous tiled stairway going up to the second floor.  Everything so pristine and well kept. These are the homes that are hidden behind the beautifully painted doors.  You might think it is only a Tienda, but it is so much more. In through another little door and we are standing in Senora Anna’s kitchen with just enough space to cook in.  A huge table fills the room to sit at least 10 people and at the end of the small room is the living room.  The kitchen is immediately filled with little Ninos ready to learn how to make tortillas and guacamole.  We get right to work, chopping cebolla (onions), jitomates (tomatoes)  and the aguacates (avocados) for the guacamole. The ninos start rolling the dough balls of corn meal and pressing them with the large wooden press into perfect round corn tortillas. What an incredible experience for the young american children, learning Spanish and experiencing as much of the Mexican culture as the school can provide for them in their short stay here in San Miguel.  I felt so privileged to have been apart of this experience today!  Thank you Senora Anna and Sara for making this happen for us. The end result: the pictures tell all.  The best tacos ever!

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Life in San Miguel de Allende

We love Mexico so much that I can’t imagine any other country will be better. We have felt safe all along the way. I feel bad for Mexico that the press has made the whole country a bad and scary place to visit.  Even riding through the areas of  Mexico that are more dangerous, we felt safe because the Policia and Federales were in abundance checking cars, streets and people.  We have never felt threatened here and in many ways feel safer here than the U.S.

We spent three days in Guanajuato, a beautiful city and lovely people.  We didn’t want to leave but were anxious to see San Miguel de Allende.  After spending 5 days here hiking around every inch of the city, we decided that to continue south, we needed to learn Spanish.  The few words we knew were not going to get us very far. We found a very nice, fully furnished studio apartment. We found a great school that is full of little children learning English and/or Spanish. (we felt at home there because we feel like we are starting kindergarten in Spanish!) Our teacher, Adriiana is so much fun, very smart and we are learning a LOT! We are always looking forward to field trips. She is my kinda girl who loves to shop and loves great lip gloss! Good thing there is not a Nordstrom here, we would be in trouble! (I do miss my shoes!) Our school is a 20 minute walk from our apartment and Bentley gets to go with us every day.  We are taking 3 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon, 5 days a week. A lot of learning!!

San Miguel is a very “gringo” town and in many ways, very helpful while we learn the spanish language. It is full of culture and there is always something going on here. You can see a short, very well put together video of the town on my facebook page. Every street is cobblestone and many of the houses have these beautiful doors that make them unique from one another.  The street we live on is 5 de mayo and it has (like many of the streets) a Tienda (grocery store), three fruit and vegetable stores, taco stand that comes alive at 7pm, a specialty dog food and grooming store (two in the same block) butcher shop, hair salon, ice cream/fresh fruit drink store, homemade tortilla store, office supplies and more. (all on one block) You can walk up any small alleys that separates the rows of houses all over the city and find a small Tienda.  The Mexican dogs are in abundance here  but keep to themselves and are always on the hunt for food. They will cautiously sniff Bentley and then move on and he of course wants to play.  The dogs that live at actual homes are the ones to watch out for, they like to sneak up from behind to get Bentley but they all seem to be just  scared enough of people that it is easy to shoo them away.  There is no and I mean NO stop signs or lights here in downtown San Miguel. If by chance there is one, it is just a “suggestion”.  It amazes me that with all the traffic, there are very few accidents. There is a helmet law here, as long as you have it on (on your body, like hanging on your arm) your all good.  That is only for the rider, passengers (wives, kids babies, no need).

Hello from Scott,

In the 6 months getting the bikes prepared for our trip, closing down my business and our home and then the ride here to San Miguel I was consumed in thinking about every little thing that could go wrong and fixing anything that did on our bikes. Consumed with the responsibility of getting us through our trip safe.  Since Susan and I have been here in San Miguel for 2 weeks now. I have been able to just rest and not worry about the motorcycles.  They do need some work before we leave on our next journey down the road, but for now, AHHHH!!

With that out of the way, San Miguel is for me a great town full of surprises around every corner and in almost every door we pass by. If you walk to fast down the cobble stone side walk, we find that we can miss the many little stores, hotels, restaurants, hardware stores etc. tucked away inside the beautiful doors on any of the large blocks.

Bentley and I walked up to the top of the mountain that over looks San Miguel today. It was nice to get out of the city and let Bentley run .The city is a little like Europe, with all of the stones and very old buildings.  The homes are dressed up with beautifully painted doors and ornate door knockers, beautiful Bouganvilla and broken glass on the tops of the walls to keep people out.

Susan already spoke of how nice everyone is here.  I would like to second that. After so many people telling us how bad Mexico is and that we were crazy to come down here, Susan and I had to muster up all our courage and ride on down here any way.  Everyone we have talked to has been more than kind. I would live here in a heart beat, but we are moving on down the road to see more interesting places and people. We keep finding new  acquaintances that could very well turn into some very good friends.  Learning Spanish is a challenge for me. I forgot to listen in High school about grammar as I was to busy riding and working on my motorcycle and going to the races. Now we are learning how English works and then how Spanish works. Without this knowledge of Spanish, I would have butchered the heck out of it. Our lovely teacher Adriiana said it would be “Jungle Spanish”.    5 hours a day is a lot, but I can feel the Spanish coming on behind every English word I speak. I am so glad to be able to write a sentence and speak the language a little.


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