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Making Connections

It happened! I HAVE “CONNECTED” WITH MY BIKE!  We are now one…phew, I was beginning to think it would never happen.
We left the Steens Mountains and headed towards Death Valley. We were in for a tough ride leaving out of Austin, NV with 60+ mph wind gusts that never let up for 100 miles.  Bentley handled it amazing, he just hunkered down and rode it out.  Such a good boy!  What a relief when we arrived in Tonopah.   After pulling around in a side lot hoping to avoid some of the wind gusts, we got sweet little Bently out of his kennel and were taking him for a walk when WHAMO, a big gust of wind blows down Scott’s bike (kickstand side).  Other than a couple of dents in the side tubes the bike was ok.  We breathed a sigh of relief that Bently was not in his crate.   This little incident was our indication that we would play it safe, bypass Death Valley, stay in Tonapah, wait out the wind storm and head to Vegas in the morning.
We had a nice, easy ride to Vegas. To avoid getting rejected at the nice hotel due to our very dirty and smelly dog, the first stop: “Poochy Klean” self doggy wash!! What an awesome place it was! Oh did Mr. B feel good, like a new pup!  Before we could go all of the staff came out to take pictures of Bentley on his motorcycle.
As I flew off to  Georgia to Chris’s wedding for 6 days,  Scott is off to Flagstaff, AZ for the Overland Expo. A whole weekend on World travel for Adventure motorcycles and 4×4 vehicles. He even got to meet up with his friend, Randy Perkins from Corvallis! We both had amazing experiences. I watched one of the most beautiful weddings take place and witness my wonderful son and his beautiful wife marry.
We met back up in Vegas to the tune of 100 degrees! Phew. We got as far as Laughlin and my bike died.  Thank heavens that it wasn’t out in the middle of the dessert somewhere!  We rolled down into town and into a parking to fix it. Low and behold, Scott’s bike blows over a second time! After two times, we made the “connection” that it was Bentley’s Sun cover over his tall crate.  Wind would hit it and BAM, down it goes. Next day it got up to 110 degrees and I thought I was going to keel over for sure.  Made it 50 miles to Lake Havasu and I was done. Bentley, however, was absolutely fine. We got to our camp site and peeled off our gear and headed out into the water. That was the best!
We are now in Scottsdale, AZ and having a wonderful time visiting our friend, Joyce. We are enjoying the fact that we do not have to be in a hurry to leave! We are (I mean Scott) is tuning up the bikes and we are trying to shed a few pounds (not us, well not Scott anyway) but the stuff we are carrying on the bikes. We ordered some new tires, yes Denny, NEW TIRES! (no more wobbly bikes, whoohoo!) Bentley got his Health Certificate so we are ready to roll. We are leaving for the border tomorrow and will be in Mexico Friday morning!  Adios!!

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So far so good! Getting out of the driveway was the hardest part, okay for me it was terrifying. With all the weight from our gear and the really hard knobby tires, the bike wiggled so bad the first 20 feet I thought I was going to crash. I was so scared that I wasn’t sure if I could keep going. Scott turned around and came back thinking I had crashed and thought all his hard work to get to this day was over. I had to take a lot of deep breaths, get the okay from Scott that I CAN do this and away I went. Our dear friends, The Hunters, were going to video us leaving and I am so, so glad that didn’t happen. The video is embedded in my head!  We are traveling nice and easy. Getting used to the weight of the bikes and the tires and doing some weight adjustments each time we stop for the night I can  happily report that it is getting easier and easier each mile I ride.  Bentley is doing great.  A bit exhausted though.  He is used to

lounging around the house all day with a couple of walks and trips to the dog park. He seems to be settling in to this new life each mile down the road, just like me. He had rough pads before we left and now in one week they are smooth from all the exercise  he has been doing.  I may have to get him booties when it gets really hot.  Although he is protesting the “doggles” everyday, they are a must.  We are taking this trip very slow for him so he can adjust well. We are at the base of the Steens Mountains in a beautiful campground called  the Steens Mountain Resort. It has hot showers, electricity and wi-fi.  We will take our next 600 miles or so tomorrow to Las Vegas and taking  three days to get there,  nice and easy. I must say that this was the right week to leave, we have had incredible weather.  Nice and sunny and just a little cool.

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Wow, I bet you all were wondering if we were ever going to leave.  Every week we would say: just one more week and pretty soon it turned into 5 months of preparation.  We had no idea! We have sold cars, three motorcycles, two trailers, one camper and a truck. Prepared our home for Emily to move in, closed down two businesses and Scott fabricating this amazing home on the bike for Bentley to changing two bikes around completely. Welding and grinding day and night. He is absolutely EXHAUSTED! I’m not allowed to send pictures of him right now because he has run himself into the ground. Couple of weeks on the road will cure that for sure. We were not sure at times if we were ever going to get to this day. Now that it is here it is hard not to go into the fears and the what-ifs. I know that once we are a 100 miles down the road, all those things will go away. 
We will be in the U.S. for a month. Today it is a short ride to Smith Rocks for a hike and then to set up camp in Maupin. Then we are off to the Steens Mountains.  We will then spend a couple of days in Death Valley then we will ride the 100 miles to Las Vegas where I will be leaving Scott and Bentley for 6 days to fly to Georgia to be at my son Chris’s wedding. In the meantime, Scott and Bentley will go to the Overland Expo in Flagstaff, AZ and get all the information he can about traveling the world on Adventure Motorcycles! Then it is off to Mexico. Copper Canyon here we come!
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